What we have

Fashion Brand

Colina Dreamcatcher Fashion & Beauty brings the sense of Vietnamese beauty, style, and culture to the global trend, aiming to raise more awareness of sustainable f ashion, responsible consumption and production.

Colina DC Show – Colina Direct Chat

Producing entertaining, educational and inspirational shows, Colina Direct Chat (Colina DC Show) will influence the audience with stories of interesting people. The world needs more positive vibes.


Celebrities – Artists – Entrepreneurs

Leaders – Government Officials – Atheletes


Every one of us has our own thoughts, ideas and dreams to share. Colina DC Show aims to present all these positive vibes.

We will also engage other projects and organisations to achieve completely 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

And, to inspire all people at every corner on Earth – Good Stories Inspire.

“Let us know what you would like to listen and to talk about, and if your stories are extraordinary, we invite you in front of our camera.”

Dental Tours

Dental tourism is a branch of “medical tourism” when patients move geographically for dental treatment in combination with their travel plans. Affordable, global warranty and service with high-end quality are amongst the many reasons why you should choose Vietnam Dental Tourism for your next trip. Check-up vouchers with a value of up to $50 USD are available to CDG’s customers. You will enjoy the best dental treatment in towns or across various different cities in Vietnam so that you can conveniently enjoy your time in our wonderful country as well as having your well-deserved dental care facilitated by us.

Speedboat Tours

Cruising on a private yacht along the river systems of Saigon and the nearby Mekong Delta is a “must-do” while travelling in Vietnam. Colina Dreamcatcher is proud to present this special experience to our valued guests. Our journey starts with a 1.5 hour transfer from downtown Saigon to Long An Province where your private day cruise is waiting. Then you will get on board and cruise along the Soai Rap River to observe the vivid atmosphere of the mangrove system in Can Gio and witness how the locals attract and harvest edible bird’s nests. Enjoy some snacks on board while you cruise towards the Vam Sat Ecopark to enjoy lunch. Afterwards, take some rest or enjoy crocodiles, fishing, the ‘monkey’ bridge, or bike across the forest. Get back on the cruise and you will return to Saigon by land.

Photography Tours

Everyone knows that when you travel in Southeast Asia, especially in the lush environments of our beautiful Vietnam, you have to take as many amazing photos as possible. Whether it’s a panoramic landscape from the top of a mountain you’ve just climbed to a fun group selfie on a boat, we’ll put you in the best possible position to score the most amazing photos on your trip. From tropical jungle settings to the technical marvels of Vietnam’s cityscapes our Photo Tours are a sublime option as you explore.